Wings of Light Wellness

   Amanda Tyler

"A Reiki session with Amanda is Transformative! My body becomes restful, my mind becomes quiet and much less worried and my path becomes clearer. The benefits are far reaching and long lasting. Honour yourself and book at least 3 treatments. Reiki will look after the rest!"
-Krista Marks-Cleroux


Tell me about your experience.
I want to hear how you are and how attending Wings of Light Wellness has impacted your life. Is there something you would like to share? Please let me know!

"I met Amanda less than a year ago in a yoga class that a friend was giving.  Amanda has an amazing, positive energy when your around her, I can't explain. I went to her for some Reiki sessions, the sessions were a huge help, looking forward to more sessions in the future. I would recommend to anyone who would like to add alternative healing to their well being, to contact Amanda, I'm sure happy that I did."
-Anita Topping

"Amanda establishes a calm and nurturing environment for treatments. She answers any questions or concerns you have prior to or during treatments. After a treatment I feel fantastic - calm and invigorated!"

-Megan McCarthy

"I was recommended to meet Amanda by a friend during a stressful time. She told me Reiki was like therapy only less expensive! I thought it would be worth a try. Little did I know how helpful it would be. Though it took me a bit of time to relax, by the end of the first treatment I felt as though I had been meditating for an hour, which I know I couldn't have committed to doing on my own, in a way Amanda had been meditating for me. The results of that session were that I felt much less anxious, much more calm and it became much easier to focus. 

I find that each session is a much needed emotional experience, a cleanse of sorts. I always leave feeling much lighter.  I would highly recommend Reiki with Amanda. She makes you feel safe and comfortable from the time you meet her and has a warm and relaxing presence that she is able to share through her treatments."

~Pam Cupak 

"I have had various Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions with Amanda and each time brings a new experience of healing and emotional and spiritual growth.  Most sessions, I walk in feeling like I have a fire that starts in my belly and runs all the way up to my head.  Amanda's energy work allows me to leave with a sense of calm and balance.  Our IET sessions have allowed me to emotionally release many years of fear and anxiety.  I look forward to continuing my spiritual and emotional path with Amanda through these helpful and enlightening modalities." 

-Carolyne Thompson