-Amanda Tyler, Quito Ecuador

Amanda Tyler B.A., B.Ed., RT-CRA, RYT.
Reiki Healer, Energy Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Yoga Instructor.

Amanda Tyler is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Energy Intuitive who draws on her intuitive gifts to support others in obtaining a natural state of peace, well-being, spiritual growth and evolution. 

Amanda is known for her innate ability to intuitively connect with and channel spirit.  She holds a deep understanding of the body's energy system and uses this to guide clients back into alignment with their authentic self, discover their own potential and live a more balanced life.

As a Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Reiki, Amanda is honored to educate and certify students in all levels of Reiki.  She holds a Bachelor of Concurrent Education from Trent/Queen’s University and develops and teaches children’s workshops, kids yoga classes, and day camp programs.

Amanda is a certified yoga instructor who offers weekly yoga classes, private classes and a variety of workshops.

It has always been her passion to use her empathetic gifts to serve as a compassionate channel for healing energy. If you are looking to heal, learn, or simply relax Amanda’s gentle way is sure to guide you there.

Amanda is a member of The Canadian Reiki Association and The Ontario College of Teachers.  To bring balance to her life Amanda enjoys yoga, nature photography, reading, gardening, hiking, and travelling.

-Amanda Tyler, Arizona 2013

"One day, she realized that she was the only one who could live her life.  So she decided to stop worrying about what other people thought and started following her own path.  She never looked back. "
- Unknown -

Wings of Light Wellness


"My first experience with energy was a Reiki session gifted to me by my mother.  I was learning what it meant to keep the balance in my life and had been through what I would consider layers of emotional trauma in the years prior.  I left the treatment room feeling so very inspired and amazed at what I had experienced.

As time passed, I began to develop a curiosity towards the world of energy and this led me to enroll in a Reiki class.  I was also hoping that this class would help me in my search to discover why I could feel the physical pain and emotions of others within my own body.  It was with this first class that my journey with energy began and I discovered what had been hiding inside me all along.

I began using the Reiki Principals and symbols as healing tools for myself and slowly my life began to transform.  My studies have led me to explore the chakra system, spirit guides, crystals, oracle cards, animal totems, affirmations, meditations, and intuitive development.

My experiences as an elementary school teacher and my volunteer work with children and families in Latin America have gifted me with a larger perspective of the world we are graced to live in.  I believe learning is a lifelong excursion and am always striving to develop new and exciting skills. 

My journey with Reiki began as a quest to better understand myself and continues as the doorway to greater insight.   I am very grateful for the opportunity to assist others to awaken their own abilities."