“If Reiki can be spread throughout the world it will touch the human heart and the morals of society.  It will be helpful for many people, not only healing disease, but the Earth as a whole.” ~Sensei Mikao Usui


Reiki is a Japanese vibrational healing practice that assists and balances energy movement through the laying on of hands.  Reiki returns us to a balanced harmonious flow on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Reiki can be helpful to people who are addressing a wide range of health conditions such as headache, arthritis, back pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, cancer, chronic pain, emotional eating, depression and anxiety. 

This healing modality supports and safely combines with medical interventions including physical therapy, surgery, medications, radiation or chemotherapy, and psychotherapy.  Reiki brings a person’s whole system into balance and is a non-invasive form of healing.

Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei, meaning universal, and Ki, which means life energy. 


What Happens during a Treatment?

Each session begins with a discussion of which areas of healing you wish to focus on, which will help to set an intention for the session.  During both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions you will lie, fully clothed and relaxed, on a massage table while soft music is played in the background.  The practitioner will use light touch to rebalance your body’s energy field.

A Reiki Treatment generates balance, comfort, and peace.  Some recipients feel temperature changes in their bodies, tingling hands and feet, or heaviness as energy blockages release and energy flows through their systems.  Others feel nothing except a deep sense of relaxation.

Reiki is not a massage.  Reiki is not a religion.

Reiki can be practiced within the context of any religious belief that you may or may not have, much like yoga or meditation.


45 minutes  $60

60 minutes  $80

90 minutes  $120

Children 35 minutes $45

Distance Reiki 30 minutes $40

Gift Certificates Available

Canadian Hospitals offering Reiki Treatment:
Princess Margaret Hospital (University Health Network) Toronto, Ontario
Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre, Toronto, Ontario
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre (Ottawa, Ontario)
Bruce House AIDS hospice (Ottawa, Ontario)

For more information visit the Canadian Reiki Association www.reiki.ca

HOW CAN REIKI HELP YOU?                      

Reduces pain, anxiety, grief, stress and fatigue.

Relaxes and strengthens your well being.

Supports recovery after surgery.

Improves intuition.

Releases toxins, blockages, and negativity.

Reiki helps us develop spiritually and connects us to our Higher Self and Divine Essence.

Maintains good health.

Helps to identify the underlying reasons for illnesses or emotional problems (past or present) with the intention of healing and eliminating the true cause.

Promotes the harmonious flow of energy between body, mind, and spirit.

Reiki supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself

Builds self-esteem

Helps you discover yourself, love yourself, and heal yourself


Amanda offers Intuitive Distance Reiki Sendings. These sessions are convenient if you live too far away to attend an in-person session, if you are unwell and unable to leave your home, if you are in hospital, or in winter months when travel proves difficult.

Distance Reiki sessions address whatever is out of balance in the person receiving the energy, and works to bring harmony to the whole self.  For some this is physical healing, for others it is emotional, mental or spiritual healing.   You may request distance Reiki for stress relief, relaxation, an illness, better sleep, a situation, a strengthened immune system, grief/loss, fears or overall well-being.

To begin, a mutually agree upon a time for the treatment is established. It is beneficial for the person receiving the treatment to be in a relaxed, accepting state however, this is not essential for the treatment to be effective.  Each distance healing session is individualized and unique.  Amanda will tune into your energy and send Reiki specifically to you.  A follow up email will be sent providing any impressions that came through during the session, and answering questions you may have.

Distance Reiki Sessions - 30 Minute Distance Reiki Session Value $40.

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