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Our physical and emotional bodies are tightly interconnected and influence each other greatly.  Have you ever noticed when you are sick you are more emotional? Or when you are feeling emotional you get sick?

IET is one of the next generation of ‘hands on’ energy therapies that works on getting the “issues out of your tissues”. While the cells of the brain primarily remember facts, the cells of the body primarily remember feelings and sensations.  Different parts of the body are likely to store (or supress) different feelings.

When emotions are suppressed energy blocks are created, which can result in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distress.  The IET process aids the rebalancing of energy and self-healing at all these levels.  IET helps with grief, life transition crisis, abuse, and emotional trauma.


IET works with the body’s cellular memory and uses specific integration points throughout the body to support the release of trapped emotions.

Did you know that we store unresolved anger in our liver and suppressed shame in our throats?

Unresolved emotions of guilt, distrust, shame, threat, lack of confidence, heartache, resentment, anger, stress, and fear settle into our physical bodies and are stored in different areas and organs.  During a treatment we work to resolve the stored emotions and replace them with their positive counterparts - innocence, trust, confidence, support, freedom, love, forgiveness, empowerment, and safety.

IET helps clients safely release limiting energy patterns from their past, balances and empowers lives in the present, and encourages full potential as they move into the future.

HOW CAN IET HELP YOU?                           

Helps identify the underlying reason for disease or emotional problems

Releases limiting energy patterns from the past

Improves intuition

Builds confidence

Reduces pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue

Relaxes and strengthens your well being


What Happens during a Treatment?
Each session will begin with a discussion of which areas of healing you wish to focus on, which will help to set an intention for the session.  During Integrated Energy Therapy and Reiki sessions you will lie, fully clothed and relaxed, on a massage table while soft music is played in the background.  The practitioner will use light touch to stimulate emotional integration points and rebalance your body’s energy field.


45 minutes  $60

60 minutes  $80

90 minutes  $120

Gift Certificates Available